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Discover top-quality UK manufactured metallised polymer films at Copper Metallised Film Ltd.

Specialising in Copper, Nickel, Aluminium, Silver or unique metal combinations on polymer films such as PET, BOPP,  and PI Metallised Film 

Applications: RFID, Document Security, EMI/RFI Shielding, Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) Flexible Electronics and Copper Coated Film seed layers for Electroplating.

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Our advanced polymer film metallising capabilities, offer a gateway to fresh design opportunities for your project, presenting innovative alternatives to conventional copper foil laminates. 
Enhance your innovations with our Contract Film Coating services.

We can also supply the R2R Vacuum Chamber Metallising Equipment to produce your own films.

Metallized Films - Pi Polyimide Metallised Films - Copper Coated Films - Vacuum Metallised Polymer Films - Battery Electrode Films - Transfer Metallized Films Metalized film

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